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Come wander through 4 acres of plants and displays. Enjoy our birds and relax in the most peaceful setting since the Garden of Eden.

Our Address
15809 Tomball Parkway
Houston, TX 77086

Open Daily
Monday - Saturday:   8 am - 5 pm
Sunday: 10 am - 5 pm

Here's what's new at RCW Nurseries

Make sure your landscaping is family and pet friendly. Here are some important tips:

1. Plant trees! Trees make your home more inviting, valuable and comfortable. Trees lower the temperature in your yard. Well placed trees can lower the cost of heating and cooling your home. Plus, what dog doesn't need shade to sleep under or a tree to chase a squirrel up?

2. Use organic products when ever possible. You will use less water, plus not run the risk of poisoning your children and pets.

3. We give you permission to stop fighting that spot, in your yard, where the grass will not grow. Be creative or let us be creative for you. A dry river bed, dry pond (these are very cool), a flag stone patio...heck, even just mulching it will be less frustrating then continuously fighting a loosing battle.


Memorial Day Specials

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Cajun Hibiscus

House Plants 3G and larger

Berries and Grapes

Medina Grow in Green 40 lbs

Carl Pool Root Activator

Selected hardgoods

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Roses and Fruit trees in

Biodegradable pot

Crinum lilies in #15 and #30 pots

#7 Angel Wing Jasmine

Weed Barrier all types

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Selected trees and shrubs

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