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From now until September is our warm season, with bouts of intense heat and dry spells. Check out  our gardening tips for this month to keep your garden looking its best.


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Garden of Eatin'

This is a kit of everything you need to set up an 80 Square Foot edible garden. This is exactly what I built my garden with, I started with 2 and added another one, the following year. You should be able to recoup your investment for the kit and grow at least $500 worth of food in one year, in one bed. They key is harvesting and replanting regularly. My winter garden is the most productive, so this is a great time to get started!


It contains:


·         48 foot of 6” Poly Board (made in the USA from recycled milk jugs)   http://www.valleyviewind.com/professional/poly-board-landscape-edging/poly-board-1-x-4/

            Precut to make one 20’ X 4’ bed.

·         12  Heavy-duty stakes to keep your Poly Board in place, without digging a trench.

·         20 bags of Landscapers Pride Landscaping mix or 1 ½ yards of RCW Custom Blend (sorry, we can’t deliver bulk soil).

·         10 (total) packs of seeds, 4” pots of Herbs, 4” pots of vegetables or a combination of all 3! Remember, seeds can stay good for years in the fridge and you don’t have to plant them all at once.

·        4 pounds of Microlife 6-2-4 organic fertilizer. Made in Texas!



The price on all the components totals about $380.00.


We are offering this kit for $280.00, you save $100.00 (a 26% savings)!


We can offer delivery to your driveway if you want, the fee is based on your Zip Code.




Here is what you need to build this “Garden of Eatin’”

·         A sunny piece of yard at least 20 foot long and 8 foot wide. Being able to walk around it, makes gardening easier.

·         If you want to put in multiple Garden of Eatin’ kits, plan to space them 3 feet apart. So, you can mow in between.

·         You need access to water, adding a soaker hose when building the garden, saves water in the long run.

·         The only tools you need are a hammer, to drive the stakes in the ground (a rock or brick would work), and a rake.

·         A couple hours of time to set up and about 15 to 30 minutes a week after.

·         The desire to grow your own food and control what chemicals are used on it.

·         The desire spend time with your family, get some exercise and fresh air.